Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rain water and fun with children at the Ramachandra Mission

Sri Ram Chandra Mission in Banashankari had organized a 3 day summer camp for about 80 children (7-14 years). The theme for the camp was "Nature and I" and we interacted with the children on the subject of water. Farmland Rainwater Harvesting brought in their van with a working model of the rainwater harvesting system. Interacting with children was fun - we spoke on all topics - water, sewage, treatment systems, cost of water, conservation, lakes - the same stuff that we speak about to the adults too. It all seemed to make perfect sense to them as well.

We also went around the campus - identifying the sump, borewell, downpipes, possibilities for rainwater harvesting, water bill. Its always much nicer when you are outdoors - seeing stuff - moving around. Should put together (already exists for the most part) a small/easy do-it-yourself model for demonstrating a sand filter, tippy tap and ground water recharge.


zenrainman said...

Great work..wottay fun.

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