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Water workshop in Yugantar Festival - Bhhomi College

Yugantar Festival

Venue: Bhoomi College
Date: 1st and 2nd October 2023

The Biome team attended the Bhoomi Yugaantar Festival at the Bhoomi-Prakriya Campus, Bengaluru. Envisioned as a platform for fostering community ties deeply anchored in nature and indigenous cultures, Yugaantar drew inspiration from the profound teachings of luminaries like Gandhi, J.C. Kumarappa, Vinobha Bhave, and Baba Amte. 

The event spotlighted the urgency of localized action in sustainability and holistic educational transformation.

The festival was a vibrant tapestry of engaging workshops, illuminating talks, and insightful discussions delving into pivotal themes ranging from Green Economics and Climate Action to Community Building, Nature Conservation, and beyond. 

A unique highlight was the 'Seeds of Change' platform where spirited youngsters pitched their eco-project ideas, vying for a micro-grant to bring their dream to fruition. 

The atmosphere was further enlivened by stalls showcasing sustainable products, delectable traditional foods, and performances from community talents such as Vinay Varanasi and Shouri Shanbhog.

The festival proudly announced the recipients of the coveted Bhoomi Senior Fellowship, honouring their immense contributions to sustainability and holistic education. Furthermore, the festival saw the launch of "Education in Tune with Nature," a seminal work encapsulating 23 years of holistic pedagogy, serving as a beacon for educators, students, and parents.

About the workshop:

During this Yugantar Festival at Bhoomi College, the Biome team conducted an interactive discussion-based workshop titled "Wat'er we doing about water." It was designed to educate and enlighten participants about the water scenario in Bengaluru and potential sustainable solutions.

The workshop was divided into two engaging sessions:

1 > The interactive session:  We walked participants through relatable daily-life questions. By calculating individual water usage, we projected the massive water requirements for Bengaluru as a whole. This exercise revealed startling figures on water demand, supply, and the deficit. We also touched upon the uncertainty of water sources, groundwater levels, and potential sustainable measures, including the utilization of shallow aquifers, water reuse, and rainwater harvesting.

2 > Exploratory Tour: In the second half, we gave participants a firsthand look at various water management systems installed around the Prakriya school. This live demonstration covered rainwater harvesting systems, diverse filters involved, grey and black water treatment processes, recharge wells, silt traps, percolation tanks, and more.

The feedback was overwhelming. Many were startled by their daily water consumption values. While students gained a fundamental understanding of groundwater and aquifer systems, several adults were eager to know more about the legalities surrounding rainwater harvesting and recharge structures. Many even reached out, expressing their interest in consulting with Biome for rainwater harvesting installations at their homes. The concept of using open wells for recharge particularly piqued their interest.

This workshop not only educated but also ignited a spark in individuals to contribute positively to our water ecosystem.

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