Friday, June 25, 2021

Summer School for Women in Mathematics and Statistics in 2021

Shubha Ramachadran spoke to the students on June 2021 at ICTS-TIFR in Bangalore.

Topic : Groundwater and Us


Nowhere is groundwater more important than in India where a quarter of the world’s groundwater is extracted annually—the highest in the world—which is greater than that pumped up by China and the United States combined. Up to 80 percent of the population relies on groundwater for both drinking and irrigation. In such a scenario how do we manage groundwater ? What is the Million Well campaign in Bengaluru about ? 

The summer school is intended for women students studying in first year B. A./B.Sc./B.E./B.Tech or equivalent degree and having Mathematics as one of the major subjects/courses, during the academic year 2020-21. Over a period of two weeks, the school shall aim at helping students develop problem solving skills in Mathematics and Statistics at the undergraduate level. The below website: has rudimentary details about the program. 

This is the third edition. Previous year's school blog is at

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