Sunday, August 12, 2018

Open wells in Vile Parle, Mumbai.

Got to see these 2 old open wells in Vile Parle, Mumbai. Both with water at about 5ft below ground level. One is at the station road in a market place and the other is called the sarkari well. Both are within 200 metres from each other. Most people in the area didnt know about the wells and said there are no open wells in Mumbai - but those that knew of the wells could not think of a time when the wells were not there !! They said the wells were a 100 years old. Both wells are used - for non potable purposes - and have never gone dry. The people around seemed to think they are 100ft deep - but I could not get around to fathoming it and had no measuring tape to confirm !! There were turtles/ fishes in the water and the water looked clean - though there was some garbage dumped - but there was no smell/grease. The wells were in public places , open (no grilles)- never had been thought of as a safety concern  A hand pump near the sarkari well was now dry and had not been used for a while

Well on the station road - in the main market

They cant think of a time when the well was dry

Fishes - that the camera could not capture

its as easy as that - drop a bucket - get the water

safety does not seem like a concern- kids are careful

a hand pump close by - but its dry

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