Monday, January 23, 2017

Citizen Science Project: Building Floating Wetlands in Jakkur Lake

Jalaposhan and BIOME Trust came together to organize the making of two floating wetlands for the lake. Citizens as well as energetic students of Shrishti School of Design participated enthusiastically in the making of these wetlands. The total cost of each came to Rs. 2500.

This activity was a great learning exercise to understand the role of an urban lake and wetlands that aid in the improvement of lake water quality.

Below are some photos of all the fun that took place!

Students of Design school sketch

All ages welcome to learn

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The Jala Poshan warriors

Planting water hyacinth in the floating wetland. The ever enthusiastic Dr. Annapurna Kamath in the picture

Placing plants in the nets

Getting it ready

Launching the floating wetland into the lake. We forgot the champagne bottles!

Observing the launch

Been set afloat! 

Floating Wetland 1

Floating Wetland 2

Two of them nestle together

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Chris Canaday said...

Is flotation given only by the air in the PVC pipes? A report on DW also mentioned plastic bottles. Are these inside the pipes? It would be nice to describe the method also. Congrats on this work.