Friday, August 5, 2016

Talking Water Quality with Schools in Raichur

Grama Vikas had organized an awareness talk for various school headmasters and children. This was held at Raichur Govt Urdu School on the 30th July 2016. The agenda for the talk was to create awareness about the water quality and its implications on health. Mr S Vishwanath from the Biome Trust held the discussion on water quality. I joined with him to explain the audience about Fluorosis and its different manifestations. We emphasized on drinking safe water with better nutrition to mitigate the effects of Fluorosis.

Mr Vishwanath explaining about water quality.

Later there was a demonstration to test water quality for physical, chemical and bacteriological contamination using the field testing kit. Among which, there was focus on testing for Fluoride and bacteriological contamination in water. We explained the significance of the colour change upon adding the reagent and its corresponding Fluoride levels in water. Students were asked to check the color of the water and identify the fluoride levels. The Hydrogen Sulphide Test for bacteriological contamination was also demonstrated. Various methods to treat water at household level like chlorination and solar disinfection was discussed.

You can learn more about Fluoride Testing by following this link

At the end of the talk, Field Testing Kits were given to each school and asked to test water quality in their schools with the help of children. This was ensure that children inculcate the skills of water testing and create awareness about drinking safe water.

Later in the day, we visited an Environmental Park with Mr Afroz Pasha of the Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement, Raichur. 

The park is unique with the presence of different models for Toilets, Rainwater Harvesting and solid waste management. A walk within the park would help one in choosing the appropriate toilet (with quantity of materials used and their cost) best suited for one’s house. The park gives due importance to toilets and helps understand the relationship sanitation has with health. 

The pictures below show demos of different things in the park.

Overall it was good experience interacting with students, teachers , field officers and understanding their work.

Kiran Kumar Sen
Biome Environmental Trust
Fluoride Knowledge and Action Network

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