Monday, February 8, 2016

Sewage Flow Measurements at Sowl Kere on 6th Aug 2015

The following flows in KL/hour were observed between 11:30am and 1:00pm on 6th Aug 2015 at Sowl Kere

Flow 1 : From WIPRO Side (not from WIPRO) : 101-135
Flow 2 : From Kanti Sweets side : 96-128
Flow 3: From KKHalli: 167-223
Flow 4: From Adarsh Lakefront apt – under construction : 23-30

Detailed Data and Calculations available here.
Uniform velocity across the Cross Section has been considered. Some basic calc. has been done to get a sense of order of magnitude The calculations will need to be reworked
Pictures here

Preethi - Many practical learnings. Is a good exercise for students to repeat for all lakes

Many thanks to Dr Kulkarni, Anita, John and Shankar . We've asked John and Shankar (security at Kere) to repeat some of these measurements at different times during the day.

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