Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New Guidelines/Criteria for evaluation of proposals/requests for ground water abstraction (With effect from 16.11.2015)

Conditions for NOC for construction of ground water abstraction structures/ replacement of existing defunct well for individual HH in notified areas: 
  • Permission to be granted for  only for such cases where public water supply system does not exist. The permission shall be valid only till such time there is no public water supply provided. In that case, the abstraction structure shall be exclusively utilized for artificial recharge to ground water or sealed
  • The premises should have only one ground water abstraction structure (either existing or new) to meet the drinking and domestic requirements. No tube-well/bore-well will be constructed, if any working tube-well already exists. In case the existing well has become non-functional and is to be replaced, it should be converted into recharge well, if possible or, properly sealed and no water be pumped from it.
  • The maximum diameter of the tube-well should be restricted to 4P ״ P only and the capacity of the pump should not exceed 1HP. In case of deep water level the capacity/dia of the structure will be decided by the Authority based on the site specific recommendations
  • Concurrent with the construction of ground water abstraction structure, the owner of the tube-well shall undertake artificial recharge to ground water through rainwater harvesting in the premises
  • Borewell log mandatory
The complete document is here :

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