Monday, July 13, 2015


The open wells are important structures to understand the ground water of any place for that matter. One can actually connect between the ground water to the surface through the means of open wells. Today, in the time where bore wells are dominating for the extraction of ground water, not many appreciate the importance of an open well. Many wells in the city today are dry but a few wells near Rayasandra kere of Yamalur watershed still yield water and have been maintained beautifully. One of the important tasks in mapping the aquifer of a watershed is to understand the past of that aquifer and this can be achieved by thoroughly studying the open wells of that area. About 21 wells have been identified in Yamalur watershed off Sarjapura road out of which only 2 are yielding. It is important to understand why the other wells have gone dry and what it takes to restore the wells which are not yielding. These dry wells are prone for permanent shut down and due to this, it is important to identify, conserve and restore them. 

A visit to these 21 wells identified in Yamalur watershed off Sarjapura road has been planned on Thursday, 16-7-2015. The schedule for the same is mentioned below.

9:00 – Reach Doddakannelli kere and visit 2 wells around it.

9:30 – Leave for Halanayakanahalli kere

9:45 – Visit 2 wells around Halanayakanahalli kere

10:15 – Leave for Hadosiddapura kere

10:30 – Visit 2 wells around Hadosiddapura kere (One needs to walk a bit to reach the wells from the car parking spot)

11:15 – Leave for Rayasandra kere

11:45 – Visit 3 wells around Rayasandra kere

12:15 – Leave for Choodasandra kere

12:30 – Reach Choodasandra kere and visit 2 wells around it

13:00 – Leave for lunch near Kaikondrahalli kere

14:00 – Leave for Chikka kudlu kere

14:15 – Reach Chikka Kudlu kere and visit 4 wells near it.

15:15 – Leave for Parappana Agrahara kere

15:30 – Reach Parappana Agrahara kere and visit 6 wells around it (One should walk a bit to reach the wells from the car parking spot)


The trip would come to an end after visiting the wells of Parappana Agrahara kere. People who are interested are most welcome to join but they have to arrange their own transport. The event, as according to the schedule, will be for the whole day as there are many wells and are spread across a huge area. It is advisable for the participants to wear shoes, bring a cap and water according to their needs.  

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