Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Weather Station Install in Rainbow Drive

An automatic weather station (AWS) was installed on 28th February in Rainbow Drive. The install was a part of the Aquifer Mapping Project and attempts to monitor weather related and specifically rainfall data at a very localized level.

The installation was done by Yuktix (a start up based in Bangalore). The system has two main components - 1. The sensors for Atmospheric Pressure, Humidity, Temperature and the rain gauge
2. The controller which quantifies the data recorded by the sensor and broadcasts it to a cloud based server.

The Rain gauge is a tipping bucket type system. Each tip accounts for a 0.01 inch rainfall and the number of tips every three minutes is recorded by the controller. The controller also polls the three other sensors every 15 seconds and the moving average of the sensed values of Temperature/ Pressure/ Humidity is calculated and broadcast to the server every third minute.
The broadcast is done with the help of a sim card embedded in the controller.

The data should be available in www.yuktix.com/m/aws in a few days after the initial testing for data transmission and integrity is checked for by the Yuktix team.

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