Thursday, June 20, 2013

CMAK (City Managers' Association, Karnataka) and BIOME Trust

CMAK  is a non profit that provides Advisory Support and Networking as well as organizes workshops and training for the staff of Urban local bodies and Government Institutes responsible for delivering services to the citizens.

They now have a Research Associate dedicated to documenting and disseminating best practices around water conservation and rainwater harvesting. BIOME Trust engages with CMAK and shows them around - introducing them to all the players - the well diggers, the contractors, the residents and the activists. Each player has a significant take about RWH and it is important to understand the same

Did you know that there is a CMA for most states in India ? Amongst other states - Gujarat, MP, Rajasthan and Orissa even have their own websites.
Speaking with well diggers -  Muniyappa
and Pedanna, in Rainbow Drive
Interviewing one of the resident
"champions" for RWH in Rainbow Drive

Engaging with the contractor in
Sunny Brooks
Speaking to the activist

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