Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Waste Water Treatment & Reuse at Fern's Paradise Layout,Bangalore .

The waste water treatment process at this layout has been revamped as part of the continous water conservation efforts by the water concious residents. Initial waste water treatment system was not preferred by residents because (a)It was not accessibile(due to design)for inspection and maintenance. (b)Output water quality was not consistent. The new Aerated Wastewater Treatment system in use includes 4 stages : (1) Waste water(grey & black) flows into a settlement chamber from all houses. Here settlement of heavy solids and breakdown of solids by microbes/bacteria takes place . (2)Partially clarified waste water from stage 1 is mixed with air to assist bacteria to further treat it. (3)Treated water from stage 2 flows into a second settlement chamber enabling further settlement and breakdown of suspended solids . (4)Stage 3 output is treated with chlorine and other disinfectants . This treated water is good enough to be used for gardening purpose. A local entrepreneur collects the above treated water in a syntax tank mounted on a lorry and sells it to the households for gardening . Due to this innovative distribution system , the water consumption for gardening has come down significantly in many houses of the layout. Check out these video for more ! (1)http://youtu.be/RcfvgP1rPkc (2)http://youtu.be/7MaRxajc3fU

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